❝Urban Chat❞

{the april 2012 chatter}

so, place matters?

the irony of urban farm movement

you need a slogan for your place? you got a problem.

defining the American culture

give them real wall, they are real people

{the march 2012 chatter}

design-centered versus place-centered

urban diversity.

what constitutes urban?

built environment and its contribution to crime?

interactive street furniture

rainfalls of sana’a


urban identities.

eisenhower controversy

{the february 2012 chatter}

the future of retail.

criticism of a waterfront.

saving suburbia.

{the january 2012 chatter}

coachella ella eh.

planned neighborhood.

swedish house superhighway.

city quotes.

contemporary skyscrapers ::photos::

urbanist themes 2012.

urban future.

{the december 2011 chatter}

2011 best city elapses ::video::

city 2.0

the soundtrack to the landscape ::video::

best of 2011.

changing new york city ::video::

fascinating modern churches.

thelightfull is delightful.

2011 goodies.

are walking cities walkable?

no no traffic. ::video::

pedestrian mall in the big apple.

less employment = more parks?

bikeable amsterdam.

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{the november 2011 chatter}

let’s take a walk.

urban africa.

completely incomplete.

not a london thing.

the trio.

competitive cities.

rising from the sea.

“the lure of the city”.

linear park.

architectural experience.

parking issues.

more than that.

color of cities.

street fun.

streetless in seattle.

anything else?

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{the october 2011 chatter}

urban tv.

chicago fee.

manifest destiny.

detroit love+hope.



stressed out.

design with+for.

band-aid for sprawl.


natural medicine.

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{the september 2011 chatter}

the september quotables.

brazilian beauty.

designing for active living ::video::

small projects – big impacts.

revitalizing communities with parks ::video::

you thought you had it bad.

infrastructure for all ::video::

when does green infrastructure make sense?