The World of Urban Planning.

The field of urban planning, very much similar to any other field, is complex with achievements, failures, magics, and challenges. Almost unlike any other field, urban planning uniquely marries the technicality of its kind (i.e. land use planning, transportation, economics, and the natural environment) with humans and their needs.

Almost everyone has a favorite town, city, village, or countryside. How is it possible for humans to have such a powerful connection with physical places such as New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London, the streets of their hometowns, the silent rivers of the mountains, and the miles and miles of trees surrounding their lives. The mere reason why such strong connection exists is due to the characteristics of all these places. Just as people bring characters and stories to these places, all these places give character and stories to the people. Places of life and people are connected, that is the reason why we go back to our favorite places to remember our strongest characteristics and live by our dreams.

Everything {is&can&should be} connected.