public transportation in the city of angels.

The public transportation in the City of LA is not nearly as horrifying as I had heard previously. Both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) have very well connected most of the areas to one another through more bus systems I have seen in many larger cities. However, the culture and other criteria of the society somewhat prevent many to use this public transportation on a daily basis. It is also true that the public transportation does not reach all the areas of LA surroundings as easily, such as Laguna Beach, Orange County, and Huntington Beach.

There are many questions one could ask in regards with the transportation issues in the city of LA, and many studied have been conducted to pursue solutions to the problems; however, if every individual were to try the public transportation for a week, they would soon realize the time and money they would be saving on parking and gas. Not to mention, you basically have your own driver when using the public transit!

It is so much more accepted and common in the East Coast to use public transportation due to high price of parking, limitation of parking, and high prices of gas. Since the majority of the day-population of most job capitals, such as Washington DC, New York, Boston, and Chicago use the public transportation to reach their destinations, the traffic is relatively much less complained about.

On another note, the geographical position of Los Angeles and its very large scale as a city does not make it any easier for the public to rely on anything other than their own vehicle. However, it takes one, if they took the public transit, the same amount of time to reach Downtown LA from West LA as it would a person who drove the same distance. The only difference lies with the less price that the public transit individual pays and the time he/she saves on finding parking. Although the comfort and privacy of one’s own car may not compare to the atmosphere of any public transit element, there are options that both DOT and Metro offer in order to make the everyday experience much more pleasant.

As a daily costumer of this system, I would have to say that though it may have its flaws as any other existing “thing” in the world, it is most definitely worth the try, and the open mind observation it could make to one’s day.