Once upon a time, there was a form of development that encouraged walkability, livable communities, and better living and working spaces; it was called Transit Oriented Development. By definition, this type of development is an urban planning and design trend, where public transportation, pedestrian friendly streets, bikeways, and high quality train systems are golden. Many believe that TOD is rather one of the most influential solutions to the issue of global warming, since offers dense and walkable communities, where transportation via personal vehicles are to the minimum need.

This idea also supports the theory of New Urbanism, where the creation of diverse, walkable, compact, mixed-use communities are considered the ultimate goal. This form of urban planning & design encourages an increase in the usage of light rail systems, in order to reduce traffic. This movement is perhaps one of the most important movements, not only in the field of planning and design, but also for the field of engineering, since it challenges all professions to be more innovative and sustainable regarding their thoughts and ideas.

Though we’ve always learned about the positive impacts that TOD and new urbanism will bring into our lives, are there any negative impacts we are unaware of? Could changing the culture of any given city be hurtful to the citizens and therefore force them to move elsewhere?

I think not, but there are always two sides to the story.