high-speed rail in california.

I’m sorry did you say traffic? On the west coast? Unheard of! Well, especially after this…

It is a given that most Americans, especially Californians, love their cars. From my experience, that relates to not only the given culture of wealth and comfort, but also the given land size of the urban settings and the suburban scapes. When the idea of a high-speed rail was introduced, it immediately, and not surprisingly, became a controversial topic between people. But what is it all about and what are the updates as of August 24, 2011? Well, here’s what I have learned.

So, to being with, this inspiring and exciting idea was, of course, was a State agency’s idea to reduce the travel time, and increase the public use of transportation, between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This electrically powered beauty was really just a smart way to provide the public with their much needed transportation requests. Not to mention, if it would take you only 2 hours and 40 minutes to travel between LA and SF, instead of 5 hours, and have full service of food and drinks, why wouldn’t anyone take it?! It even gets better, though the initial running distance for this electrical beast was from LA to SF, there are now talks of having it expand to San Diego all the way to Sacramento, which is even more exciting! The speed of this high-speed rail has been said to be  220 mph (woah, you can’t drive that fast, so that’s for all you speed lovers!) traveling on 800 miles of track and stopping at 24 stations- but still getting to San Francisco in less than 3 hours- impressive!