cicLAwhat? cicLAvia.

Yes, Los Angeles (and its angels) blocked down a total of 10 miles of this city’s street for their third annual cicLAvia event. During this day (usually in October) certain streets in LA are blocked, to offer a safe and complete car-free environment for those interested. This year (2011), the cicLAvia crew was able to add two more streets to their phenomenal action, to total up the miles to 10! This is exciting not only because it gives LA (and surrounding) residents the opportunity to be car-free (how exciting of an idea!), but it also offers them a glimpse of how wonderful it would be to just leave your car behind and go for a walk, run, bike, jog, skate, whatever-you-feel-like, on the streets we take over via cars.

If a big city, such as LA, can pull of something this big so greatly, so can smaller cities. Although lots of people think that LA’s transit system is not reliable/convenient, I must say that in my experience, I was proven wrong very quickly. Maybe this is a start to show that the streets of LA are not too bad after all. If they keep adding to the number of streets to this event, maybe within the next couple of years we can actually bike/walk/jog/run/scroll/skate all the way from Downtown LA to Santa Monica! How exciting would that be? Except, in such an event, you may need a little support/fun activity/entertainment along the way.. All in all, I am a very big fan of this organization/event/cause, and I truly think it has already been making a very big difference in how we view cities/streets/and our own actions in them. Would we rather sit in traffic for 2 hours or enjoy the great weather and be more active on the same streets?

The only thing is -you still had to drive and park to get to an area were is was closed off-. I know it may be crazy to think/rely 100% on public transportation, but how great of people to have carpooled to this!

To see much more about this wonderful idea plus pictures from 10.9.11, visit: cicLAvia