art again.

I get overly excited when I come across various articles and videos stressing the importance of art -public art to be more exact- on the health and aesthetics of a community. I believe the presence and existence of such beauty, in any place, provides a sense of community and involvement, while keeping crime at a lower level. Looking at different neighborhoods, towns, and cities with various perspectives on public arts, I have come to believe that those who encourage and appreciate the arts tend to be more of a neighborhood of friends rather than a group of strangers living on the same block.

I think the presence of art will, directly or indirectly, encourage the children of the community to be creative and imaginative. Furthermore, I believe it will give them an opportunity to be expressive, while understanding boundaries. A community that welcomes art onto their walls, streets, poles, and any other surface, tends to be stronger and more protective of their places of residence.

These pieces of art that this generation creates will become a part of the neighborhood’s identity, culture, and history. Who knows, maybe they will end up being there for a couple days, months, or even years! But what if they turn into the neighborhood’s ultimate unique identity? How great would it be to be the creator of that piece.

Not to mention, with specific designated areas for arts, the government would spend a lot less money to cleanup the unwanted graffiti they find on electricity boxes.

this article is in agreement with what I just said: improving communities through art.