an outdoor community.

Speaking from personal experience and observations, activities to bring community and neighbors together have reduced in most parts of the United States. For most young adults, entertainment includes bowling, movies, shopping malls, friends’ houses, and maybe playing sports. Though fun, most of these activities take place indoors and depending the timings, they could prevent outdoor activities for most. Although weather plays an important role in outdoor activities, I believe there could be more options non-profits, governmental organizations, and even individuals could use to bring communities, neighbors, and friends together, while being outdoors.

The same applies to 21+ residents. Most would rather get together with friends at bars, maybe some game nights, or for socializing in general all of which are great. But what if for a change, we created such opportunities outdoors. Though there are meetup groups and online resources to create such events, what if the government designated an outdoor public space for such event organizations? The cities could use abandoned spaces, open areas, and parks as new contemporary public gathering areas, to not only act as a community involvement component to better know one another, but also as a way for the public to spend more time outdoors while enjoying the same entertainment and activities.

Sete, France, hosts the annual Mediterranean poets’ conference and celebrations, where many distinct poets from that area gather together and share perspectives on the literature of their countries. For more community involvement, the town uses various forms of entertainment, while attendants enjoy the poetry of the speakers.