Lisbon’s identity through graffitis

In most cultures, the arts are a welcomed and well-known way of self-expression. This is true on both a personal and more public levels, when the governmental factors of towns and cities allow the citizens to contribute to the face of their cities of residency via making their art public -public sculptures and graffiti arts are the common themes-. In some countries, graffitis are not welcomed, since the local government believes it destroys the image of the city as being taken care of. In Portugal, however, graffitis by the public are welcomed by the local government, as they believe it adds to the persona of the towns and cities. Lisbon, in particular, has very interesting and diverse graffitis all around the city. I believe graffitis not only add to the characteristics of a city, they also provide individuals a self-expression opportunity, which also tends to increase their sense of belonging to their cities. Here are some examples from what I saw around towns and cities while visiting Spain and Portugal: