amsterdam’s new iconic bridge to-be

Some of the most interesting pieces of architecture happen to be winners of competitions, such as Metrosol Parasol. This story is no different. As a winning result of Massiv for AC-CA’s [Amsterdam] Iconic Pedestrian Bridge, this group challenged designers to come up with an outstanding pedestrian bridge to represent Amsterdam. The winner (above) was a group of 3 architects from Spain, who managed to somewhat change the face of normal bridges to this ‘above the water, below the water’ oval pedestrian and bike bridge. This structure provides the visitors with an exceptional opportunity to walk or bike across the bridge while being under the water or above the water. The beauty of this bridge is also its ability to do so while providing the boats enough room to maneuver freely.

The winning architects describe the concept of this new iconic bridge of Amsterdam as, “a space that is defined by its shape, where boats cross through and pedestrians and cyclists stroll along its perimeter. The act of framing a part of the river, brings a new value to it.” Their hope for users’ experience were described as, “crossing can be performed both above and below water level. This duality of paths brings a new way to cross the river.” To add more flavor to this beauty, they have used a sustainable design approach by, “the simplicity of its construction system, the bridge can be built from discarded or recovered shipyard steel from the local naval industry. Wood, which has a low environmental impact while providing the necessary resistance for such a humid location, is used in the interiors.”

The interior of this bridge also provides the users with the options of walking, biking, or enjoying a cup of coffee depending on their mood. Redefining the image and usability of bridges to a public gathering space is exceptional.