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What is planet urban?

  • It is a weblog (clearly) of a recent graduate (as mentioned below) about urban planning, design, architecture, and landscape architecture (yes.)
  • It is written by Elyana Javaheri
  • I also write for This Big City so you may find some of my articles there as well!
  • Thank you so very much for stopping by, I really appreciate it! I only get more excited to write every time I get feedback from the readers, so please come back soon!
  • You may follow me on Twitter @elyanaja

How is it structured?

  • Urban Chat– we need to talk. This segment is dedicated to articles, videos, pictures, bits and pieces I find rather interesting about the world of planning and design (landscape to be exact) and could very well be ‘chat-able’
  • Urban Culture– should probably be called urban photography, since it focuses on the pictures I have taken from my travels or the ones I find fascinating from the places I will one day visit!
  • Urban Cycle– is about transportation. I look for updates on how different parts of the world are trying to solve their transportation issues. I do write about my personal experiences in transportation as well. (you tend to gain lots of it when you use public transportation)
  • Urban Journey– is meant to be my diary as a planner. This is where you can find my thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and frustrations (at times)
  • Urban Life– is also somewhat of a diary, but it also includes various sources and articles I find greatly inspiring about living an urban life around the world!


This is a blog of a recent graduate of the fascinating field of urban planning, with stories, ideas, and things learned on a daily basis.

NOT {Humans < Cities}

NOT {Humans > Cities}

It’s Humans & Cities


Humans ↔ Cities