ancient persian architecture and its modern inspirations

This post was initially published at This Big City Environmentally conscious buildings have been around for much longer than the public debut of our modern environmental crisis. Since the early 19th century, residents of Yazd,… Continue reading

may I see your ID?

For the most part, individuals’ identities are unique, which is what makes human interactions interesting and worthwhile. We tend to be gravitated more towards those who have a strong personality and identity. This… Continue reading

published outside the box.

an outdoor community.

Speaking from personal experience and observations, activities to bring community and neighbors together have reduced in most parts of the United States. For most young adults, entertainment includes bowling, movies, shopping malls, friends’… Continue reading

garages solve issues. or do they?

I often become frustrated when coming across large parking lots in shopping centers. This is especially true if the parking lots are empty for the most part and especially filled with big box… Continue reading

art again.

I get overly excited when I come across various articles and videos stressing the importance of art -public art to be more exact- on the health and aesthetics of a community. I believe… Continue reading

art for all and all for art.

I have always been a firm believer that the arts, consciously or unconsciously, leave a positive impact on most people’s minds. We tend to go to museums and art shows, not just to see the talented… Continue reading

kite a community.

I have always been a firm believer that with community involvement, cities-towns-and neighborhoods can not only become stronger, but they can also portrait their uniqueness via arts, gatherings, music, holiday spirit, etc. Some… Continue reading

cities of happiness.

Elizabeth Farrelly, a Sydney-based columnist, architecture critic and author, in her article points out that, “But the point is, cities are not principally for, and should never be measured principally in, pleasure“. Though this may seem… Continue reading

a {new} most livable city.

Who would have thought! After almost-10 consecutive years of Vancouver being the absolute-most-livable-city on the face this wonderful planet, Malbourne has now taken over that glory. I find this to be an amazing growth/opportunity,… Continue reading