cicLAwhat? cicLAvia.

Yes, Los Angeles (and its angels) blocked down a total of 10 miles of this city’s street for their third annual cicLAvia event. During this day (usually in October) certain streets in LA… Continue reading

september {urban} quotes.

I’ve been reading Cities by John Lorinc, which is a groundwork guide, yet I find it truly amusing to have overlooked such interesting and simple details. I thank him for reminding me of those… Continue reading

{economically} the greenest cities in the world.

who would have ever thought New York would be the second greenest city in entire world- economically speaking-? NYC falls directly under Tokyo in this category.. “Tokyo takes the top spot on our… Continue reading

Sub{urban} life.

Once upon a time, the American dream was the promise of possibility of prosperity and success. The true definition of such high dreams meant big houses, big cars, big families, big everything.It meant… Continue reading

heal the [urban] world.

A song that has always reminded me of the reason I am passionate about the field of planning and design is “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson. Though the song is not even… Continue reading

the journey we travel.

The word “urban” can carry both positive and negative definitions depending on one’s ideas and beliefs. In good terms, urban means economic opportunities, culture improvements, historical preservation, community development, innovation of space, and… Continue reading

high-speed rail in california.

I’m sorry did you say traffic? On the west coast? Unheard of! Well, especially after this… It is a given that most Americans, especially Californians, love their cars. From my experience, that relates to not… Continue reading


Once upon a time, there was a form of development that encouraged walkability, livable communities, and better living and working spaces; it was called Transit Oriented Development. By definition, this type of development… Continue reading


t o/ p u b l i c/ t r a n s p o r t/ o r/ n o t/ t o/ p u b l i c/ t r a… Continue reading

public transportation in the city of angels.

The public transportation in the City of LA is not nearly as horrifying as I had heard previously. Both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)… Continue reading