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amsterdam’s new iconic bridge to-be

Some of the most interesting pieces of architecture happen to be winners of competitions, such as Metrosol Parasol. This story is no different. As a winning result of Massiv for AC-CA’s [Amsterdam] Iconic Pedestrian… Continue reading

what is it that you do again?

I get this question every single time I tell a stranger I am an urban planner. I find it fascinating that more than half the wonderful, educated, and intelligent strangers I have spoken with, have… Continue reading

a world heritage site and its modern building

 This post was initially published at This Big City Once upon a time, a contemporary building and an old city became friends. They were the Guggenheim Museum and Bilbao. Though this blog post isn’t… Continue reading

from the hidden treasures of seville to its most magnificent architecture

This post was initially published at This Big City Not too long ago, the local government of Seville –a beautiful 2,000 year-old town in southern Spain- decided to move the usual farmers’ market location… Continue reading

Cafe vs. Castle

This post was initially published at This Big City and Sustainable Cities Collective You only have to look at the queue for the latest iPhone to see that ‘new’ means a positive and desirable change for… Continue reading

ancient persian architecture and its modern inspirations

This post was initially published at This Big City Environmentally conscious buildings have been around for much longer than the public debut of our modern environmental crisis. Since the early 19th century, residents of Yazd,… Continue reading